Meet the Team

The Podcast Gremlin: Your host, the Podcast Gremlin, brings the show to you from his secret basement recording studio. No paternalistic twat, he views himself in a more fraternal way, like a big brother, watching out for you.

More recently, the Podcast Gremlin has taken charge of an expedition into the wastes and ruins of high dystopian adventure, charting your course through novels, movies, and more.


Some of our past regulars include:

Miranda Maverly: The mail hag, Miranda reads listeners’ messages on the air for the Gremlin to respond. She is dedicated to the clear and accurate conveyance of every word of your messages so that we can respond to you, our listeners.

Dr. Malcolm Practice, PhD: Dr. Mal is the man we call in when we need expert input. Not only is his expertise in high demand in courts of law (wanted for questioning in over twenty cases, civil and criminal), but he is a regular feature here on our program, dedicated to giving you the foremost scholarly clack and palaver.

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