Incidental music by Dan O’Connor from Royalty-free music for your movies, games, podcasts — heck, this stuff is great even to just listen to.


Podcast artwork by Allison Oh. She’s also on Facebook.

Episode titles are phrases from Nineteen Eighty-Four or descriptions of important scenes or objects in that book. Not only did Orwell write a compelling story, his language has poetic punch and picturesque appeal.

We here at Food for Thought Police love, admire, adore, venerate, extoll, praise, and generally think well of Book Darts. We’ve used them in holding places in books as we’ve prepared episodes, and they’ve become an integral part of how we do things behind the scenes. They are bronze, steel, or brass page clips useful as bookmarks or line markers. We were not asked for this endorsement, we just want everyone to buy Book Darts. They’re awesome. And useful. And awesomely useful. And usefully awesome.

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